Filmmaker Spotlight: Christina Battle

Christina Battle
we’re not exactly sure what just happened, 2013
A series of 4 short videos made for the Toronto Urban Film Festival (TUFF)

On April 19, 2013 while the City of Boston was on lockdown and police searched for the then at large Boston City Bomber, CNN aired continuously despite having virtually nothing new to report. They hypothesized on what might be happening and interviewed “experts” on guesstimated facts about the case all while continually admitting they actually knew nothing about what was transpiring in the search for the lone surviving suspect. With text from CNN’s reporting on that day, the four video series we’re not exactly sure what just happened offers an alternative visual backdrop for the essentially meaningless transcripts. What does it mean when media takes a step away from reporting facts and closer toward nonsense? When they become active generators of fear and paranoia as oppose to the disseminators of tangible and factual information?

Originally from Edmonton, Alberta, Christina Battle is currently based in Denver, Colorado. Her film, video and installation works explore themes of history and counter-memory, political mythology and environmental catastrophe. She has exhibited internationally in festivals and galleries including: The Images Festival (Toronto), The London Film Festival (UK), The International Film Festival Rotterdam (The Netherlands), YYZ Artists¹ Outlet (Toronto), White Box (New York), The Foreman Art Gallery at Bishops University (Sherbrooke, QC), MCA Denver, The Aspen Art Museum and in the Whitney Biennial, Day for Night (New York, 2006).