TUFF ABOVE GROUND: Timeanddesire

60 ft wide video billboard on Yonge Street, one block north of Dundas.
A series of 8-second videos commissioned by TUFF for the 2015 Festival.

IT IS WHAT IT ISN’T is a collection of text by Timeanddesire, that is the result of deliberating over life's finer and more puzzling questions. This new work will offer a break from the normativity of marketing by introducing a series of messages that present a worldview antithetical to the one often portrayed in advertising.These “aphorisms of the contemplative mind” will be presented in slightly less than expected ways in hopes of striking out from the anticipated nature of billboards and to draw in the viewer’s attention. In this way Timeanddesire challenge viewers to explore the absurdity of human nature by reflecting on the less obvious and more oblique regions of life.

Since 2010, Toronto-based artists Denise St Marie + Timothy Walker have been collaborating under the moniker Timeanddesire. Their work addresses themes of perception, cognition, new-genre public art, text art, signage, interventionism, and socially engaged installations. They have done numerous outdoor art interventions both nationally and internationally in such places as Japan, Las Vegas, Chicago, The Canadian Prairies, Toronto, and Montreal. Their work has been more notably exhibited in Nuit Blanche Toronto, the Toronto Urban Film Festival, the Art Gallery of Mississauga, Latcham Art Gallery, Thames Art Gallery Culture Centre, the Art Gallery of Windsor and at Art Souterrain in Montreal. As of September 2015, St Marie + Walker will embark on a collaborative MFA at the University of Waterloo.

Timeanddesire / St Marie + Walker