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24Progressive, 2012

Nicholas Loess (Director)
Guelph, Canada
2012 Winner: First Place

Comment Film Info & Credits
24Progressive seeks to overlap/juxtapose/relate/consider the moving image with the moving city. The project consisted of layering the digital process of gathering and organizing images with the filmic. The first layer involved constructing a one- minute montage of footage depicting an aspect of the moving city. The second layer consisted of chemically exposing the transcoded video into a 35mm film print. The third layer took place in the projection room of The Bookshelf Cinema in Guelph, where I used a Macro lens to record the passage of film through the projector. Though the end project is ultimately a digital one, it still contains the visual trace of the embedded film. The fourth layer combined the velocity of urban mobility with the speed that my digital camera progressively scans each image (24 frames per second) and the locomotion of film passing through a projector. It is my hope that the video ultimately lacks one speed, and visually speaks to the ever-increasing cinema of everyday life in the city.