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Amoré, 2005

Juli Saragosa (Artist)
Berlin, Germany
2011 Winner: Jury Prize for Experimental Film

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Shot in-camera on double-8mm film, hand-processed, unsplit. One side was performed in reverse as the camera was held upside-down. Michèle Stanley on camera. Juli Saragosa performer.

Imagining watching this video

Imagining watching this video on TO subway whilst holding a tim horton's coffee in my left hand and transfer in my right .... I voted for you!
xoxoxo Lady Justice/Verb-Frau, nuestra senora del pan xoxoxox

i like it !

i like it !

Good luck, Sweets! -Nai

Good luck, Sweets!

yeah, i m making the 100,

yeah, i m making the 100, proud! its playing today on the toronto subway, super, i m happy we made it!!! ;) you made it...great film.
kisses, karin*****

way before Lady Gaga and Jo -

way before Lady Gaga and Jo - keepin it andro jules!