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Brain Drain, 2011

Joseph Milando (Director, screenwriter)
Toronto , Canada

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Brain Drain follows a technology attached teen whose cell phone dies on a trip on a subway, forcing him to notice a horrifying passenger rides with him. With no one able to help and no way out, the teenager finds his life in peril. This sixty second short film highlights how technology can often separate us from the world and distract us from things right in front of our eyes, sometimes with deadly results. A Film by Joseph Milando Starring: Ivan Ostos, Zoe Stinson, Matt Chow and Justin Monahan.

Great short. This is why I

Great short. This is why I don't have a cell phone!

Great should I

Great should I use my iphone on the trek home?!!

Excellent ! Great Work Joseph

Excellent ! Great Work Joseph

awesome, pure awesome love it

awesome, pure awesome
love it

Excellent Awareness, with a

Excellent Awareness, with a wonderfully creative presentation! Brilliant Joseph!