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Dwelling, 2010

Su Tomesen (director, camera, editing)
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2011 Winner: Honorable Mention

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'Dwelling' plays in Amsterdam Zuidoost a.k.a. De Bijlmer. The splitscreen video is based on the notorious Dutch movie 'Blue Movie' (1971). The feature film about modern times and modern living caused a lot of disturbance due to the explicit sex in it. In 'Dwelling' there is no sex; the short video focuses on endless wandering in modernist architecture. In the videoworks and installations of Su Tomesen architecture and situations in public space are present. The video 'Dwelling' is the outcome of a call from The One Minutes foundation, Amsterdam to create one-minute splitscreen videos based on Dutch movies. Tomesen chose 'Blue Movie'. 'Dwelling' is screened in public space in Amsterdam from December 2010 at CASZuidas, Contemporary Art Screen Zuidas in Amsterdam.