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Foxed!, 2013

James Stewart (Producer/Director) & Kennedy Zielke (Co-Producer / Editor)
Toronto, Canada
2014 Winner: Best Animated Film

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Emily has been Foxed! in this 3D stop-motion tale of fighting for what you believe in. Filmed in stunning 3D, director James Stewart crafts a cautionary tale about child labor, growing up in an environment of parental control, and how children are often mis-portrayed in the eyes of their parents. Teeming with shadow and light, this grown-up animation unfolds to explore themes of oppression and human rights in a riveting package that creates questions and leaves the audience anxious for more. Be aware of what hides behind the mirror. From digital cinema trailblazer James Stewart comes the 3D stop-motion film Foxed!, a dark and sinister trip down the rabbit fox hole. Foxed! opens with tween Emily locked deep in the mines beneath her house, pick axe in hand, forced to work by patrolling foxes. Her daring attempt at escape is met by a stunning encounter on the surface that leaves Emily lost and confused. In just over three minutes, Foxed! evokes powerful emotion as it creates questions in viewers about themes of child labour, global exploitation and human rights abuses. FOXED! Social media links: Director James Stewart on Twitter @jamesstewart3D #foxedmovie FOXED! on Facebook FOXED! Official site FOXED! Trailer FOXED! Making of FOXED! on Space