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Glory, 2010

Bradley Wolak (Writer/Director/Producer)
Toronto, Canada

Comment Film Info & Credits
This piece uses light, specifically in the form of a rare type of rainbow, called a "glory", as a dual metaphor representing both enlightened compassion and cultural diversity in urban Toronto. Stylistically each of the 7 different colours of the rainbow are called upon to show 7 different acts of compassion taking place amongst 7 different diverse communities that make up the fabric of the city. CAST AND CREW Gregory Bennett - DP/Editor/SFX Sarah Kapoor - Executive Producer David Fernandes - Executive Producer Mangla Bansal - Production Manager Diana Colavecchia - Production Designer/Wardrobe ACTORS Raimund Hopf Hart Christensen Sarah Kapoor Kristin Merriott Derek Royer John Christensen Armand Goulet Kwong-Mun Achong Low Kay Toombs Chris Laursen Beatrize Restrepo Isabelita Restrepo John Smith Gnasher the dog Special thanks to Leslieville Production and Church of the Holy Trinity

superb ! awesome use of

superb ! awesome use of colors .. i had to see it few times to get the details

This is a beautiful film,

This is a beautiful film, becuase I like so much help to people,the world need more people with heart for help to everybody !!!

Luv the little girl with the

Luv the little girl with the dog!

Congratulations!! I like it

Congratulations!! I like it very much!! we need this king of short films with beautiful msn in the world!!

hey this film is wicked!! all

hey this film is wicked!! all the best and hope you win it all!!

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Congratulations on the film.

Congratulations on the film. Beautifully done!

I love this movie. Bradley

I love this movie. Bradley you are the BEST........

Congrats on the film...Crow

Congrats on the film...Crow

Best Film Ever!!!

Best Film Ever!!!

Very meaningful, thanks for

Very meaningful, thanks for this great film!

loved it! i voted for your

loved it!
i voted for your video everyday!
that's the people this world needs.
beautiful message :)

really touching!

really touching!