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Hey you, 2013

Behzad Khosravi Noori (Director ) & Raluca Bejan (Co-Director)
Stockholm, Sweden

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Using a video essayistic approach, this proposed submission explores the textual imaginary embedded within current representations of global revolutionary protests. Methodologically, it aims to bring micro-narrativity to social media based images, following a process of film editing where imagery comments on the image and therefore translates it into text. Following a relational aesthetic, this film moves the narration from hyper-individualism to hyper-collectivism, by shooting portrait based images of protestors from around the globe (Toronto inclusive). Although protests are collective in nature and protestors are just individuals, the film represents the portraits, as collectively constructed individual images. Via an individualized based narration:”Hey You”, it directly addresses the spectator (i.e. “You”) symbolically blending individualism and collectivism, in order to connect public’s ability to collectively change societies. It aims to talk about revolution without actually spelling the wold revolution, using the text as the unasked question and the image as the answer. The 60 seconds avalanche of images uses a site specific presentation - the ‘underground- as a universal non-place, from one city (i.e. Stockholm) to another (i.e. Toronto). Using footages from Stockholm’s subway, the film’s storyline takes place during the period of time when the train is stationed in the metro. It starts when the train arrives and finishes when it departs. 60 seconds.