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Intersection, 2014

Julia Krolik (Co-Director) & Owen Fernley (Co-Director)
Kingston, Canada
2014 Winner: Canadian Urbanism Award

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Intersection, 2014 by Julia Krolik (Co-Director) and Owen Fernley (Co-Director) "Intersection" forces the viewer into a bird's eye view of an urbanization process. Utilization of a custom HTML5 image processor to randomly display orthophotos (Southwestern Ontario Orthophotography Project) as sampled from an unidentified suburban region north of the Greater Toronto Area formulates an abstract spectacle. Here, in a slot machine-like manner, aerial photos are revealed and ask the viewer to instinctually search for potential connections across the screen. This subtle natural tendency to merge roads, dwellings, paths and rivers toward a state of connectedness exposes the notion of what we truly desire.