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Invisible Histories, 2012

Donna Szoke (Concept/researcher/director)
St. Catharines, Canada

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"Invisible Histories" began when I came across the astonishing fact that 280,000 radioactive mice are buried near Niagara Falls NY as a result of research for atomic weaponry. Like the Underground Railroad, these mice operate as a secret and hidden history of the area, now manifested through this 3D animation. Launched via a public sited QR code, a green glowing mouse runs back and forth on the viewer’s smart phone or device. This work exists as a type of monument, or anti-monument that engages in the missing spectacle in the Niagara Falls landscape—a landscape of otherwise extravagant sites. New media becomes an avenue for marking, memorializing and re-activating history. As activist art, it nods to critical animal studies, and questions the ways in which we engage, abuse and memorialize the animal other. It invites the viewer to visualize other historical outcomes, and hopefully by extension, to imagine other presents, and other futures.