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NIMBY, 2011

Jackie English (DIRECTOR / ACTRESS)
Toronto, Canada
2011 Winner: 1st Place

Comment Film Info & Credits
Jackie English, Matt Edison, Phil Luzi, Rodney Barnes, Matt Baram, Rosemary Doyle, Tess Degenstein, Chandra Muszka, Alli Chung. DOP: McLean Greaves. EDITOR: Jeremy Lalonde. SFX Make up: Rashelle Marco. PA Mark Willet.

Simple but powerful,

Simple but powerful, absolutely accessible. Well done!

Hey Guys! Thanks for

Hey Guys! Thanks for watching.... and thanks for voting! If you are wondering about the sound... its a silent film so that it can screen in the subway in Toronto! So don't turn up your speakers too loud ;-)

Good job Jackie! An issue

Good job Jackie! An issue that goes by all the time.

Bravo Jackie! C'est tellement

Bravo Jackie! C'est tellement réaliste.

I love this movie!

I love this movie!