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Nostalgia for ART - ART IS DEAD, 2013

Darko Taleski (Author)
Prilep, Macedonia

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For the past 7 years I have worked as an Art teacher in a primary school. All these years I have been trying to be both: an Art teacher and an artist at the same time. But I could not succeed in both. I have had a great success as a teacher: Recognized by Microsoft as a 1st Innovative teacher in Europe and 2nd in the World on the Microsoft Partners in Learning European and Global Forum in 2012. If I carry on being a teacher in the forthcoming years for me art will be dead for good. This is because I will share my Art knowledge with others but I will not create art. On this video I present my first moment when I realized that art is dead for me. I do not want that to happen. This video is reminder for me to change something.