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Play Date (unplugged), 2012

Dave Brown (Director) & Kirsten Wattis (Writer)
Winnipeg, Canada

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Growing up in the 1960's meant we didn't need "play dates" to play with our friends. No one walked us to school; outside was our "reality television" and we only needed to be home when the street lights came on. Kids today are too plugged in to even know how to play. "Play Date (unplugged)" is the story of three mothers who try to convince their kids to play outside but instead discover their inner girl, and what it was like to hula hoop, jump on a trampoline, ride a bike down the street without a helmet and run through a lawn sprinkler.

This film rings sooo true for

This film rings sooo true for me!!!

Really makes you think about

Really makes you think about how our children are growing up in this day and age, Brilliant!!