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Spin Off, 2014

Megan Dickie (Director)
Victoria, Canada

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Spin Off is a dizzying array of foolish moves. A costumed character grapples with a spinning dumbbell as she tries to navigate through a Plinko-like world of teeter totters. Inspired by 1980’s video games, the project is a parody of entertainment based struggle. Temporal distance from an era can open up the playing field for comedic re-interpretation. Old video games are a perfect example with their crude plots and jerky graphics. These games are pathetic in comparison to the enlivened versions of the present. However, even with advanced technology the recipe for entertainment remains the same; push a character to perform ridiculous physical feats until you miss and die, then play again. It is the inconsequential nature of the failure and the amusement that we receive from it that is the basis for Spin Off. Spin Off is one segment from a trilogy of works which play with the illogical idea of producing contraptions for struggle, especially when the struggle is devised for entertainment. The project is a continuation of the artist’s fascination with those moments in human behavior when intelligence and reason are pushed to the wayside in favor of amusement.