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Welcome to Democracy, 2010

Boyan Stergulc (Director) & Abigail Pinto Correia (Producer)
Toronto, Canada

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Welcome to Democracy Created by b.side Boyan Stergulc :: Director, Editor, Writer and Animator Abigail Pinto Correia :: Producer, Co-Editor and Co-Writer

This is really well done,

This is really well done, very emotional and so true. Beautifully done!

i have watched this over &

i have watched this over & over and each time it makes me cry. What happened to the Rights & Freedoms of all Canadians that G20 day HORRIFIED me. I realized that my beloved had become a Kafka novel. I have suffered PTSD since that day and am now phobic of the city i was born and raised in. The city/country I love, I now fear. I now fear those sworn to serve & protect me.

Your film, in its profound silence SHOUTS VOLUMES and gives me a voice. It legitimizes how i feel. Your film empowers me to do MORE despite the fear. Not only is this piece a work of art, but its refreshingly honest, and so profoundly healing. This is film in its true highest potential and THAT is why it deserves to WIN!

well put up..!

well put up..!

Like characters in their own

Like characters in their own play these carefully chosen images laid over by short statements become more powerful with each passing second. Art evokes emotion, but the razor sharp intelligence here cuts to the heart of the message and evokes action as well. This is a wake-up call to not only the citizens of Toronto, but to all citizens of the world.

Provocative and genuinely in

Provocative and genuinely in touch with the heart beat of this whole issue. A true winner, for sure.

Très jolie clip. Very nice

Très jolie clip.
Very nice !!!