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When It Rains, 2012

Cara Mumford (Co-Creator) & Sandra Lamouche (Co-Creator)
Peterborough, Canada

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Created by Cara Mumford & Sandra Lamouche Directed, Produced & Edited by Cara Mumford Choreographed & Performed by Sandra Lamouche Cinematography by Elisa L. Iannacone Hip Hop Consultant - Sugaray Robinson "When It Rains" is a silent dance film that combines traditional Native hoop with hip hop dance to represent the collective journey of the hundreds of missing and murdered Indigenous women in Canada. While each of these women’s stories is unique, they share a commonality in their collective experience of identity loss and voices silenced. Many of these women chose to move to urban centres in search of a better life but found themselves constrained by the prevalence of violent prejudice against Native women. This film attempts to present this collective experience while providing a hopeful conclusion that a metaphorical purifying rain is in our future, bringing an end to the silence and the violence.